2014 is shaping up to be a weird one in a lot of ways. Some great highs for sure but also some very unsettling lows for loved ones. Jaylen is scheduled for his 19th surgery next week, a surgery that comes with no guarantees of making anything better. Katie is beside herself, she has had a tough start to the year and I am worried about her having to watch Jaylen suffer again. One thing that has always helped Katie is sharing her story and knowing that people care so it's timely that her photos have been accepted into the HeadOn photo festival. The images will be shown at Gingko Art Space in Glebe and if all goes well we might have a little opening on Saturday the 3rd of May. Compiling the images and writing the artist statement this morning I was yet again struck at how much she has been through in the time I have known her and what an unfair jerk life can be. I will be with her for the surgery, probably to photograph but definitely to support her and let her know that we are all rooting for a happy ending for them.

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