Really fun, Really terrible photos

It's dawned on me recently that I spend a disproportionate amount of time in hospitals for someone who has not actually needed to see a doctor for so long my medicare card expired without me knowing. Although I love who I photograph, love what the whole process means it has made me wonder if I am turning into a one trick pony. When Mary Ellen sent me to photograph the Diaz girls in Oaxaca this year I had a crisis of confidence that maybe I am only good at photographing people going through remarkable circumstances rather than being a good photographer. Then I came home and kind of forgot about it continuing work with Katie, John and the Ronald McDonald house.
Not to say there is anything wrong with specialising- I know my strength is that I am genuinely interested in the people I photograph more than it being about my photography. When someone lets you into their incredible life documenting it isn't that difficult and I know my photos are more about the people in them than me trying to be a show off great photographer.

BUT- two weeks till we go on our first real holiday in years and I am itching to take photos. I want to try something different but do not have time to make connections with new people and am already working on a very interesting project with MAP group that has to be done before I leave. A very sweet young photographer contacted me the other day and we were talking about the smash and grab nature of so much photojournalism. That you have to be aggressive to get those sort of shots if you are not the sort of person to immerse yourself. I always think the strongest photos come from photographing when you are close too, what you see every day. Which is why last night I got in my car and took some awful shots of the suburb I live in- wrong lens on, panic rising when I realised my new camera wasn't insured yet, getting beeped at when I tried to stop my car. And those these photos are really shit it was so nice to look at the familiar through a photographers eyes. Cannot wait to do it again over the weekend.

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